Most successful people are wired to look for the next opportunity to leverage their hard work and success. Our opportunity zone is designed to help those of you who just can’t help yourself.

Success begets success, and many will ask “Why can’t I just do it my self” the honest answer is you can set up your own fund, just like you figured out how to start, fund, launch, run and manage your past successes. The real question is do you want to or is it just worth teaming up with those who may have not only the time but technology to do it at a scale you probably don’t.

Just like in business there are several options:

  1. Just go it alone – start from scratch.
  2. Joint Venture or Partner with somone else and leverage your capital with theirs and win together.
  3. Just pay somone else to do it

All of these are options, so it will be up to you at which level to engage but we can help you answer the questions to see which might be the best fit for you!

If you have recently sold a company or property with a Capital Gain, you are on the clock!