Physical Capital

Physical assets including cash are just tools to meet a well defined goal & objectives in the hands of successful executives.

Digital Capital

Intangible value drives tangible outcomes when correctly deployed into the right opportunities.

Intellectual Capital

Successful leaders know their most valuable resource is their intellectual capital, and we are here to help them maximize its efficiency.

APEX Trader Funding is one of our thought leaders & council leaders!

A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats #ARTLAB

Years of Experience
Market Value

Deal Flow

After 200+ deals, you learn a thing or two.     In fact, some may actually call you professional at that point. We are always learning, but our mistakes were our largest (and most expensive) educators. No need to repeat the same mistakes, we have already paid for them to your gain!


Our executive leadership has hundreds of years of combined experience across all the top disciplines, making it our number one capital asset!


Our deal flow is vast, from traditional M&A to more creative funds, we have a place for everyone in our high-velocity capital ecosystem.

Capital Council
Advisory Events

Capital Council Jeffrey Hayzlette C-Suite

Our members answer the questions that you may not even know to ask from a real-life perspective only possible from experience.


Brand Development

Our executive leadership team has served or been on the c-level for over 100 of the top companies in the US and helped grow some of the largest brands on the planet!

Capital Appreciation Tool

Our proprietary technology provides an added layer of depth in the capital ecosystem. Thanks to our stable of geeks and their machine learning, predictive analytics, and artificial intelligence, we have tools like no other to help us in the decision making process. DATA DRIVES DECISIONS!

Joint Ventures

We are always looking for win-win opportunities that meet our internal goals, capital objectives, and fun requirements.

Opportunity Zone

This is where member-to-member deals happen in a trusted environment !

Access to the opportunity zone require approval and you must meet minimum requirements depending on the zone.

Opportunity Zones are niche-specific Capital Council opportunities curated for high success!

Billion dollar markets and those who operate at this level need a “Trusted and Safe” environment to not only make deals but also ask the hard questions only a group of peers with real-life experience can answer. Learning from successes as well as failures provides an Iron-Sharpens-Iron culture that fosters long-term success!

  • Physical
  • Digital
  • Intellectual
I wish I would have known _______________
  • where to reinvest my $300M capital gains as to not lose 40% to the government……
  • how to leverage digital capital to maximize my profitability…..
  • how to build an EXIT MULTIPLIER to increase the sale of my business
  • “The Guy” who could of helped me meet that objective….
  • How to leverage technology to _________……

“It is not always what you know, but who you know.”

It is not always what you know, but who you know. Below is a trusted list of partners that have been instrumental in the success of two or more of the Capital Council success stories or instrumental at a high level within the Capital Council.




Technology Partner

Thought Leaders

We share the space with some of the top minds on the planet and are happy to feature them as part of our ongoing effort to drive our community forward.

Fund Management Team

Our fund manager not only runs our in-house and private closed opportunities but our facilitates on either side of the table, leveraging our proprietary technology and solutions, providing an strategic advantage.

Alternative Finance

Looking to raise $100M plus or have unique needs? Our alternative team has put together some of the most creative deals thanks to the Capital Council reach and influence.

Capital Gains Expert

Millions have been saved (and amplified) thanks to the Capital Council proprietary technology and reach. With over 100+ opportunities, we match over 99.7% of the requests engaged with higher than average returns.

Exit Amplification

Exits are a big deal, and should be planned for well in advance to not only increase the multiples and valuation but to ensure maximum life-long value of the realized capital. Many of these things are on a clock, so make sure you understand your options so you don’t miss out and lose potentially millions.

Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what other highly successful people have say:

Next level thinking with execution expertise saved the day for our organization.

Liam Mann


$1billion bound is the new mantra for our team thanks to insight and leadership of the Capital Council.

Dianne Ameter


Learning from the multi-million dollar mistakes of others is priceless!

Natalya Undergrowth


I wish I would have known about Capital Council before I lost millions in my first deal. I am glad I am on the inner circle now!

Justin Hanson


Who knew success had so many moving parts?

Indigo Glenn