Digital deal flow BS meter Was designed by our in-house geeks to help validate Digital opportunities across multiple niches. Understanding some experiential truths found from leveraging multiple advanced programming interfaces we can identify if someone who has created a pitch deck has a valid data based on historical fax in mini areas like:

  • How large the market is based on actual people every year looking for target product or service
  • How many competitors are currently in the digital landscape competing For the potential investment marketplace
  • Is there room in the market for a second or third place player even if all metrics aren’t met
  • What is the estimated cost to acquire a new customer and estimated lifelong value based on industry average is from the public data
  • What opportunities are available for out on revenue streams adjacent to target market to minimize risk, exposure and possibly increase profitability

This is all Daddo we as investors love that geeks I’ve been able to access and provide interfaces to our analysts to help drive decisions