Plan ahead!

Most Capital Gains have a Time Clock

We have created an ecosystem of success, which typically has many 1st (First $100M sales, First Time to Deal with large Capital Gains. First Media Attention, FIrst BIG MISTAKES), but many of these are on a time-clock and you do not want to miss them as once they are gone, it hurts.

Our team has been through the cycle and has many learning to share but none as important as the TIME CLOCK on Capital Gains.

If you miss this window it could be costly.


You sell your ____________:

  • BUSINESS for a $100M capital Gain, and have a 20+million dollar exposure. WHo can you minimize that…..
  • REALESTATE INVESTMENT and have 1031 monies to spend, but want a higher risk profile…..
  • Crypto for a $50M gain, and want to diversify into brick and mortar opportunities with out having to pay large taxes….
  • ACTIVE REIT and have a capital gain you want to put to work for long term non-active investments…
  • Hospital System and want to give to a rural non-profit to make a differenvce in underserved communities…..
  • TECH COMPANY and want to pass $$ to family members in form of a new active venture in an opportunity zone…….

Whatever the case may be, you have a very small window and if you did not plan ahead it may have passed or you are ON THE CLOCK!